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KAIYI HOUSEWARE CO.,LTD Succeeded In Merging Qingqi Industrial CO. LTD

Dec 27, 2017

    Recently, in order to quickly improve its own innovative ability, to reshape the kinetic energy of industrial innovation and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.Our company has carried out M & A to Qingdao Qingqi Industrial Co., Ltd.

    The responsible person thinks,In terms of mergers and acquisitions, to conform to the strategic direction, adhere to the main business direction and concrete procedures of objects, selection and entered a substantive requires logistics assets, excellent team, industry status, good benefit and higher business complementarity and resources can be integrated and other characteristics; We will strengthen the construction of mergers and acquisitions and ensure that the projects are efficient and high-quality.

    Public information shows,Qingqi Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It has been engaged in general freight, packaging and printing, automobile industry, auto parts industry and so on for 16 years.Kai Yi houseware and Qingqi Complement each other.

    The company has always traded on the basis of the principle of legitimate, law-abiding, reasonable, high quality, and good faith.Our company dedicated to each customer: safe and efficient, excellent price and efficient, warm and thoughtful full-service.We believe that through the merger with Qingqi Industrial Co., Ltd., we can avoid barriers to entry, gain market access, seek market opportunities, avoid risks, overcome the negative externalities of enterprises, reduce competition and enhance market control.With the expansion of the market scale, KaiYi houseware must be on the upgrade!