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Dinner Party---qingdao Kaiyi Houseware Co.,ltd

Dec 09, 2017

Our boss Mrs.Guo organized the company for a dinner party on Thursday this week. There are two purposes for this party.The first is to welcome new colleagues.Second is to let colleagues exchange more and enhance the cohesion of the whole company.As Mrs.Guo said,whenever we are a large family,and we will always be a member of this family.

During party,Mrs.Guo talked with all the homely,the experiences,let us feel the strong family atmosphere.Regardless of the friendship between the subordinates and the superiors,and away from the strange sense of entering the office,KAI YIFENG is a large family ,where there are warmth,friendship ,teaching and a lot of platforms for our development.

Qingdao Kaiyi Houseware Co.,Ltd (still named qingdao kaiyifeng) is a manufactorer that directly produces paper packaging,including the folling products---gift boxes,food boxes,crafts,kraft boxes.corrugated boxes,handbags,instructions,tags and so on.Our product is a world-class brand.We have been working with German Zwilling for many years,and we will set up new factory next year.Our company is expanding ,our team is growing.

This party made us understand each other ,know each other.It promotes the establishment of the friendship,promotes the unity of the tean,enhances the cohesion of the whole company,and injects great strength for the new challenges in the future.We will remember that Mrs.Guo gives us wish,to express our sincere gratitude,we will do our best to add luster to the company.

We believe that with the unremitting efforts of our team and company, the development of the Qingdao Kaiyi Houseware Co.,Ltd ,this family will be better and better!