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Development Prospect Of Kraft Paper Bags

Dec 02, 2017

Kraft paper bags has dramatically changed people's shopping only hands can carry a limited number of items of traditional thinking, consumers no longer have to worry about more than reducing the pleasant experience of shopping itself. If Kraft's birth promoted the development of the whole retail industry, perhaps an exaggeration, but at least it revealed to the business of such a phenomenon, in the customer's shopping experience to be as comfortable as possible before, easy, and handy, you can't predict how much are consumers buying stuff. Was this, attracted the attention of later shopping experience for consumers, while promoting the later development of supermarket shopping baskets and shopping carts.

After more than half a century, the development of kraft paper shopping bags can be sailed through materials improve its load-bearing capacity of reinforced, the appearance has become more and more beautiful, and manufacturers all trademarks, designs printed on brown paper bags, stores shops into the streets. Until the middle of 20th century, history of the emergence of shopping bags plastic shopping bag and a large revolution. It's lighter, more rugged and lower manufacturing cost and other advantages make the once eclipsed the brown paper bag. Since then, the plastic bags become the preferred consumer, and leather bags "stepped back". Finally, the scenery dead kraft paper bags only under the guise of "nostalgia", "nature", "environmental protection" were applied to a small number of skin care products, clothing and packaging of books, audio and video products.

However, as the "anti-plastic" the global rise of wind, conservationists began to look old brown paper bag. McDonald's China company began in 2006, and gradually introduced in all its stores with insulation kraft paper bags to hold take-out food, to replace the use of plastic grocery bags. This initiative has received positive responses from other businesses, such as Nike, adidas original large plastic bag consumption, have started using high quality kraft paper bags instead of plastic bags.