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Californ Held A Year-end Summary Awarding Party

Jan 16, 2018

At half past one on January 14, 2018, our company held a Year-end Summary and Commendation Gala with the theme of" Thanksgiving Have You, Create More Glory ". In this new year, this party brought all the leaders and workers of the company the first greetings of the New Year, and brought a ray of joy to the busy and tense working life. In this summary of the evening to make the relevant summary, the main purpose is to do as much as possible leaks, a better summary of experience in order to do a better job in the future.

The party as a whole can demonstrate the youthful vitality of the staff and workers, and enhance the cohesion of all departments during the work. The following is a detailed summary of this work:

First, the purpose and significance of the party

The party, to communicate feelings, increase exchanges, enhance collective cohesion and enrich the cultural life of workers for the purpose of the new year to meet the theme of reviewing the past, looking forward to the future, to stimulate the enthusiasm of staff, expect 2018 to create more brilliant The performance.

Second, the party's preparatory process

1. Activities of the arrangements. In order to arouse the creativeness and active participation of the vast numbers of staff and workers, ensure the high quality and high standard of the evening party, work hard on the theme and content and ensure diversified activities. The staff and workers of various departments also actively participated in and coordinated with each other and actively coordinated the arrangements so that the work of the party would be organized and systematic so as to ensure the successful completion of the party.

2 pre-work party. In order to hold the party lively, happy, our preparatory work done very well: through the issuance of circulars, the company board newspaper for publicity, elaborate venue, reasonable arrangements for staff, invite leaders and relevant media to participate.

Third, the activity summary

The party was held very basic success, from the opening to the end of the whole venue enjoyable, the whole ocean of joy. The highlight of the party a lot, a wonderful show one after another. The two hosts who full of passion, passionate text, but also for the party a lot of color, maybe they are not professional, but they are equally good.

Summing up experience and lessons learned in the evening's preparatory work, everything be careful, staff arrangements to be in place, their respective roles, rules of the game to be clear and clear ... in the future we will try to eliminate the above work Problems, solve new problems in a timely manner, and make progress through lessons learned and lessons learned so that we can do a better job in the future.blob.pngblob.png