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A Corporate Culture Of Qingdao Kaiyi Houseware Co.,Ltd

Jan 05, 2018


To be grateful, often with the heart of thanksgiving. Be grateful to our parents for their raising. Be grateful to our children because they continue our lives. We should respect our children, treat them on an equal footing, and let the children grow up freely. We also should be thankful to our friends and friendship. Thank our company provides us with this work environment, so that we have this fate to fight together. We are grateful to our colleagues. With everyone’s support and cooperation, with the bitterness and suffering, so we have the team. We are also grateful to our customers. The customers who is god we rely on for a living. We will provide good service and support them, treat their business as our own, view things from the customer’s point of view and thank them for their trust and support.

Positive energy

We have to be positive. Nobody is perfect, negative energy will accumulate, the time is longer the harm is bigger, we have to abandon negative energy, to be a person full of positive energy. Positive energy will infect each other, and the whole team will be positive.

Sense of responsibility

We are responsible for everything. Leaders are responsible for the staff, care about them on everything. We are responsibility for our customers. So they will depend on us, trust us, give us more orders, and introduced more referrals to us. We are responsible to our colleagues and support each other

Dare to bear

Regardless of gender at home, we should take the responsibility of family, raise our children and honor our parents. In life , we have to be brave bear for friends, so will have more and more friends and more and more people will trust you. For the customer, the problem is solved first, then look for“three not let”,the customer will be moved, grateful and trust you.

Don’t shirk responsibility

When something goes wrong, not to shirk responsibility. We will try our best to look for ways to solve the problem.